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Welcome to CBT-East Therapy Cambridge

CBT is the government approved psychological therapy that is used in the NHS.

CBT-East is a CBT therapy practice that is based at the Salus Clinic in Cambridge. We offer PRIVATE help and treatment for various problems that may prevent you from living life as fully as you are able to do. The main conditions we give treatment for are:

Chronic Worrying, Panic, Phobia, Depression, Poor Sleep, Weight Reduction, Trauma, Obsessional/Compulsive Behaviour, Low Self-Esteem, Social Anxiety/Shyness, Complicated Grieving, Work Burnout Syndrome, and Relationship Issues.

Call or email for a FREE consultation. Have up to 90 minutes FREE to tell us your problems. Find out if CBT is for you. Concessionary fees for treatment may apply.

About CBT-East Therapy Cambridge

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CBT-East is a private psychological therapy practice based at the Salus Clinic in Cambridge. Home visits by arrangement.
GP referrals accepted.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the main therapy that we offer.
CBT is a modern research based treatment for Excessive Worrying, Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, Depression, Insomnia, Trauma, Obesssional Behaviour, Weight reduction, and many other problems that involve your feelings, thoughts, or behaviours.

Discover the calming & influential benefits of therapy

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